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  • We believe the trust our customers have in Sunmark is built over many years of quality craftsmanship, superior customer service delivery and the promise of integrity in all our dealings. And for the last seven years, Sunmark has focused on the development of single-family homes and townhouses in B.C., all while understanding the need to create buildings suitable for our unique west-coast climate. Each Sunmark community is tailored into the surrounding shops, parks and recreational facilities and is a direct result of the time and effort invested in land selection, planning and development. It's such attributes and attention to detail that stand the test of time and keep people coming back to use Sunmark.

Sunmark and the Environment

As a British Columbia based company, we are concerned about the environment that surrounds us and our impact upon it. However, you may not be aware of the many initiatives that are undertaken during the building of a Sunmark community. Below are a few of the design and construction strategies that have been incorporated into the homes of a Sunmark community.

Green Site Strategies

  • Extensive stormwater management system promotes infiltration, and limits disruption and pollution of natural water flows.
  • Tree-planting and tree-retention program reduces environmental disturbance, improves air quality, and contributes to a beautiful community.
  • Construction waste recycling and waste management program is in effect.
  • Native species planting areas are incorporated into the site area to promote natural flora and fauna conservation.

Healthy Buildings

  • Kitchens are equipped with low-energy applances and convenient recycling bins.

Resource Efficient Materials

  • Low-E windows provide better insulation, limit heat buildup in warmer months, and reduce damage from UV light.
  • To further minimize waste, finger-jointed studs are incorporated to maximize the use of materials.

Water Conservation

  • All bathrooms feature single flush toilets to conserve water.

Structural & Mechanical

  • Building structure designed for seismic and wind loading in accordance with the BC Building Code 2006 Edition.
  • The design of the reinforcing steel, concrete, beams, built-up wood roof trusses, and timbers all conform to the Canadian Standards Association requirements.
  • Structural timber is graded in accordance with the NLGA Standard Grading Rules for Canadian lumber.

Plumbing & Electrical

  • Plumbing installation and materials conform to the BC Plumbing and Building Code 2006 Edition.
  • Proven Pex cross-linked polyethylene distribution piping within each home.
  • Easy access to water shut-off for the laundry in each home.
  • Kitchen faucets with lifetime limited warranty on both the finish and integral parts.
  • American Standard single-flush toilets throughout.

Typical Party Wall

  • One layer of 5/8" type "x" gypsum wallboard on one side with one layer plywood (shear walls only) or 1/2" drywall and one layer of 5/8" type "x" gypsum wallboard on the other side.
  • One Party wall assembly incorporating two separate 2" x 4" kiln-dried, wood stud walls.
  • One 3 1/2" acoustical batt insulation.
  • One 1" air separation between 2" x 4" stud walls.
  • One Acoustical sealant around the perimeter of the bottom wall plate.

Umbrella Architecture

Mimicking an umbrella, the unique features of our roofs, shield the building envelope from the elements. Features including wide overhangs and specially designed flashings work together to keep water from accumulating on the building’s surfaces.

Typical Slope Roof Detail

  • Fibreglass laminate asphalt shingles with a 30-year manufacture's warranty.
  • Two layers of asphalt roofing felt – 15 lb. layer throughout with 30 lb. layer at all valleys and eaves.
  • 1/2" plywood sheathing.
  • Engineered wood trusses, manufactured by B&B Truss.
  • R-40 fibreglass batt insulation.
  • Six-mil polyethylene vapour barrier.
  • One layer of 5/8" drywall.
  • Aluminum gutter.
  • Painted 2" x 8" or 2" x 6" fascia.
  • Vinyl vented soffit.
  • Minimum 12" overhang on all two-and-three storey walls.
  • Long-lasting vinyl window frames with double-glazed windows manufactured by Allied Windows.

Rain Screen Technology

A rain screen is a protective barrier of drainage channels installed between the interior and exterior wall surfaces, allowing the building to shed water. The rain screen acts both as a moisture break and an air space, preventing water from becoming trapped inside the walls, and making sure the frame dries completely after the water drains off.

Although the umbrella architecture keeps most water off of the building envelope, incidental moisture may sometimes get into the building envelope, for example, during a heavy wind-driven rainstorm. That’s where the rain screen plays a vital role in protecting the building envelope.


An air barrier system is a critical and required component of exterior wall assemblies. Air barriers control air exfiltration (the outward flow of air) that carries moisture laden interior air through the wall system to cold surfaces, potentially causing condensation.

Sunmark's combination of an air barrier and a vapor barrier in its air-tight drywall approach is the remedy to this potential issue.

Additionally, our innovative use of materials prevents moisture transfer between the inside and outside of the building and so helps to keep the building dry.

Quality Inspections During Construction

Sunmark's on-site quality control procedures and commitment to excellence have been expanded and strengthened to include:

  • Shop Drawings Shop drawings are reviewed by the engineering, architectural consultants, and building envelope consultants
  • Moisture Content The building's moisture content is monitored at regular intervals throughout the construction period
  • Windows Windows are installed and tested under the supervision of a building envelope consultant
  • Building Envelope Sunmark uses extensive quality assurance checklists to check that details of the building, from the air tight drywall components to the details of the building envelope, meet Sunmark's stringent standards before being given final approval American Standard porcelain-enamelled steel bathtubs in main bathrooms.

Warranty Coverage

Your new home is protected by a comprehensive set of third-party warranties in full compliance with the Homeowner Protection Act.

  • Materials and Workmanship 2 year coverage for materials, workmanship, and major systems
  • Building Envelope 5 years' coverage for the building envelope (i.e. warranty against moisture penetration).
  • Building Structure All warranty coverage is provided by Travelers Guarantee Company of Canada (formerly St. Paul Guarantee). Travelers Guarantee Company is part of St. Paul Companies Inc. which was founded in 1853. They are the leading surety provider in Canada and the largest supplier of new home warranty in British Columbia. As members of the Canadian Home Builders Association, the Urban Development Institute, the Independent Contractors and Business Association and the Vancouver Regional Construction Association, they offer a full list of services and have branches in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.